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Grand Opening for NEW Pilates Studio and Functional Rehabilitation Gym

With wonderful facilities accessible on-site, we are excited to offer you a fresh approach to your rehabilitation and exercise needs. Whether you are managing an injury or attempting to reach your peak physical fitness, we have an experienced, knowledgeable and motivational team of physiotherapists on hand to make your goals a reality.

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates is an individual designed whole body exercise program, which incorporates the use of Pilates equipment. The Pilates method is a form of whole body conditioning, which strengthens from the inside out.

One hour individualised exercise sessions focussed around the Pilates Method. These sessions see patients work on a one on one basis with their physiotherapist in a class of 3-4 patients.

As these classes cater to the needs of each individual, they're appropriate for all levels of fitness and health. Our Physiotherapists will be able to enhance you physical function.

Mat Pilates

All Mat Pilates classes work at a maximum group of 10 patients. There are a number of different types of Mat Pilates classes available

A one hour, whole body workout, incorporating the Pilates Method to achieve strengthening of the core, increased global flexibility, toning of lean muscle and improved body awareness, posture, balance and well being.  Ideal for those looking to build and/or maintain their fitness capacity through a low impact exercise option.

New Classes


Each Blaster class runs for 40 minutes in duration, targeting a specific body region in order to focus attention to where you need it most! Choose from four classes: Glutes, Legs, Abs or Arms.

Living Fit

Living Fit is an exercise class tailored to seniors who are looking to increase their lever of fitness, strength and overall function.

Benefits of attending:

  • Exercise specifically tailored to your skill and fitness level
  • Small class sizes overseen by a qualified physiotherapist
  • Exercising in a fun, friendly and social atmosphere


  • A one hour circuit workout held in our Functional Rehabilitation Gym, making use of free weights, gym equipment and theraband.
  • Each session will be varied, with 6-8 stations all targeting different fitness elements such as strengthening, toning, endurance, control, balance and cardiorespiratory capacity.
  • Suitable for those looking to holistically improve their fitness capacity working at a moderate impact level.  Perhaps you have grown tired of your regular gym workout and need some motivation to get the best results – this is the class for you!