Mat Pilates

About Mat Pilates

Our Mat classes are held in a group workout setting, integrating Pilates-based principles with functional movement exercises to engage the whole body. There are options to intensify the program by making use of small equipment such as free weights and resistance band. All participants follow the same exercise programme over an hour long class, with the physiotherapist able to provide variations where you require assistance.

The maximum participant to Physiotherapist ratio is 10:1, ensuring your safety via close instruction and technique supervision throughout the class. There is less of an individualised nature to this group workout.

Moderate to intense

Medium Group Size

Clinical assessment and screening

Who is it for?

These classes are more suitable for those who are trying to build or maintain strength and fitness as a way of managing pain or chronic conditions. We do not recommend these classes for those who are recovering post-operatively or are in the midst of managing an acute injury.

Timetable / Session Times

*Please note classes fill quickly but can also fluctuate over time. We suggest planning ahead and enquiring about your class of choice, so we can do our best to accommodate your requested session time.

How to get started

At The Studio Midland, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service, ensuring that you receive the highest quality exercise programming, instruction and supervision. To do so, we offer a full initial consultation process, which includes screening of pelvic muscles and movement assessment to establish your baseline and set your goals. 

Should you have further questions or wish to book an initial assessment today, please feel welcome to call our friendly staff or send an enquiry using the form and someone will be in touch shortly.