Pilates FAQ

Pilates is a form of strength exercise based on the theory of “contrology” developed by Joseph Pilates. He theorised and practiced that from a strong core the body was able to breathe and move more efficiently, improving your overall wellbeing. Using this theory and applying it to our physiotherapy principles has allowed physiotherapists to use Pilates-based exercise as a form of therapeutic rehabilitation.

We welcome you to contact our friendly reception staff to book an initial assessment with our Pilates physiotherapists. Alternatively, you can fill out the enquiry form and our staff will be in touch shortly. It is worth looking into our services and viewing our timetable ahead your assessment, so you have an idea of what classes are offered and at what times. If you have further questions, our staff will be able to assist you.

Our initial assessment is generally an hour-long process for our studio classes (shorter for Mat classes). We take the time to discuss your past and current injuries, the goals you wish to achieve and discuss how we can help you reach them. We perform a transabdominal real-time ultrasound to screen muscle activations of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall, to ensure we are introducing you to exercise safely. From there we do a physical movement assessment, where we teach you some of the foundational Pilates exercises.

We offer a range of different classes to address people’s needs over their lifespan. Our Mat classes provide a whole body workout, predominantly using body weight, which is appropriate for a wide range of relatively injury free clients. Our studio classes are appropriate for more specific rehabilitation focus or an individually tailored exercise experience. We also offer a series of antenatal and postnatal classes for those on their parenting journey, more information on these classes can be found in our services tab.

Following your initial assessment, we invite you to spend time booking your classes with our reception staff. We endeavour to offer you a spot on a consistent basis, however this is not always possible thanks to the popularity of our classes. Furthermore, due to demand, we are unable to offer online booking or cancellation for these classes.