Dietician and sports nutrition

We are passionate about providing practical and realistic nutrition advice so that long term lifestyle changes are achieved and enjoyed.

Dietitians can offer expert advice on nutrition and diet.

Our fully qualified dietitians can help with weight management, diabetes, meal preparation/planning, food allergies and cholesterol.

Through the help of a dietician and eating the right foods, you can increase energy, control healthy weight management and increase concentration levels. At Midland Physio we can help you achieve and maintain your own personal nutrition goals while providing sensible nutrition advice and demonstrating how to apply this in real life.

Partnering with Nutrition Works

Nutrition Works are proud to be providing Dietetic services at Midland Physio. At Nutrition Works our team of friendly sports dietitians specialise in sports nutrition but also see “non-athletes” for a wide range of diet-related issues including weight management, child nutrition, and lifestyle nutrition. Visit their website here.

How do I get started?

As part of your initial 50 minute consult you would be provided with dietary assessment, appropriate nutrition education and a personalised nutrition plan to assist you with meeting the goals we discuss.

Your nutrition plan includes suggested portion sizes, meal and snack options, training nutrition guidelines, healthy takeaways and any other info you require to help keep on track. We monitor body composition, weight and skinfolds, if appropriate, as part of the process too.

Our review consults are between 20 to 30 minutes and we charge accordingly. During these consults we :

  • Discuss any questions from your plan and information we sent through.
  • Review current intake and discuss additional nutrition strategies to assist with meeting your nutrition goals.
  • Review body composition if required.
  • Provide additional information such as update plan if required, or provide a carb loading plan to trial for an upcoming event.