Meet our therapists

Caitlin Hagdorn

Senior Paediatric Physiotherapist & Pilates Instructor


Caitlin is a Paediatric Physiotherapist who has completed a post-graduate master’s degree in all things kids.

Caitlin is experienced in helping children and young people with pain problems, fatigue, and injuries. She loves working with people with disability and is knowledgeable in the NDIS space. Caitlin enjoys treatment through play and loves to assist parents and their babies with issues such as head turning preferences and developmental delay.

Caitlin’s motto is ‘let’s ensure your child has a healthy relationship with exercise’.

Caitlin’s favourite part of the week are her group physiotherapy sessions that she runs in the studio and the gym for adults and people under eighteen.

In her spare time, Caitlin likes to do gymnastics, play basketball, and spend time with her dog, Patrick.


Infant care
Gross motor development
Sporting injuries (especially knee and hip)
Gymnastics, dance, calisthenics