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What is the Thoracic Spine??

Most people have had some sort of neck or lower back pain throughout their life. But how many of you have experienced a sharp stab between your shoulder blades when you raise your arm, a deep ache that shoots around your side, or some pain when you take a deep breath? If so, you might have had a thoracic spine issue.

The thoracic spine is the middle part located between your neck and the lower back. It is stiffer than the other parts of your spine as its main job is to keep all your internal organs nice and safe. It also acts as a foundation for your shoulder to move and is where all your ribs attach, making it the area of the spine with the most joints.

What can cause pain in the Thoracic Spine?

Even though it is stiffer than the neck and lower back, the thoracic spine still needs to be able to move. All those joints with the ribs, and other parts of the spine or chest, can get irritated. Whether it is sitting in an office all day long, returning to sport after a summer of rest or having a really hard gym session many things can cause this. This doesn’t mean you have damaged your back, just that is was not ready to do what you asked it to.

What to do??

By having a look at what your spine can and cannot handle, we can find out the movements that you are able to do while mapping out its limits. From there the best thing to do is to move! Move, stretch, and bend with a specific exercise program that allows you to slowly progresses you back into pain free movement. 

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