Elbow Pain

Tennis Elbow Pain

Many people who participate in recreational and professional sport can have sport related injuries. Sports like tennis, golf, baseball, and cricket can create injuries that cause pain and stiffness arising from the elbow joint. Which has an impact on the smooth function of the upper limb, that will affect a participant\’s everyday activities. At Midland Physiotherapy we have qualified therapists who can assist you with any sport related pain.

Tennis Elbow

The most common type of elbow pain, lateral epicondylitis also know as Tennis Elbow. It commonly affects sporting people and those performing; manual tasks with their arms.  It is usually caused by an overload or overuse situation.  It has been commonly called \’tennis elbow\’ due to it’s occurrence in tennis players (repetitive overuse of the wrist extensors during shots). However, it much more commonly occurs in the manual worker and the weekend handyman than the tennis population. The condition primarily occurs below the site of the lateral epicondyle (outside of the elbow).

Treatment: Our Therapists can develop a soft tissue therapy and a stretching/strengthening programme along with correction of tennis swing to prevent further damage.

Golfers Elbow

A lot less common than lateral elbow pain, Flexor/pronator tendinosis or Golfers Elbow. Flexor/pronator tendinosis (flexing muscles in the forearm) is essentially the same as in Tennis Elbow but in different muscle groups. In golfer\’s elbow, pain at the medial epicondyle (elbow joint) is aggravated by resisted wrist flexion and pronation.

Although the condition is poorly understood at a cellular and molecular level, there is hypotheses cell death as causes of chronic lateral epicondylitis. The cell death may decrease the muscle density and cause a snowball effect in muscle weakness – this susceptibility can compromise a muscle\’s ability to maintain its integrity. So athletes, like pitchers, must work on preventing this cell death via flexibility training and other preventative measures.

Treatment is along similar lines, utilising soft tissue therapy and a stretching/strengthening programme. Correction of golf swing or forehand tennis shots to prevent further damage.

Our Therapist at Midland Physio are trained in Sport Injury and create a tailored rehabilitation programme for any sporting inury you come across. We can help you to achieve your goals and build a happier healthier body. Ring today 9274 1482

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