Pilates Explained!

Pilates has so many benefits for so many people. I have been teaching and completing my own sessions for 12 years. For those of you yet to discover the magic of Pilates let me share some information with you!

Pilates was designed by Joseph Pilates over a 100 years ago. It is a conditioning program for the whole body. It will improve your strength, endurance and flexibility. It heightens body awareness and improves body control. 

If you are looking to maximise your athletic or sporting performance – pilates will unlock your potential. It will develop your core control and abdominal strength. It will improve hip and knee control allowing you to run faster and jump higher. If you are a dancer it will improve your plies, your back extensions, your arabesque. It will correct any weakness or reduced range of motion helping to improve your dance technique. It will improve your spinal mobility which is fantastic for all sports involving rotation such as cricket and golf.

If you are looking to return to exercise after a break or if you have never done much exercise – pilates is the perfect introduction. Studio classes are individualised and you complete your own program designed specifically to meet your own goals.  

If you find the gym intimidating or the classes too impersonal or at the wrong level – pilates is perfect. With personal attention and individualised programs helping you to reach your goals faster. 

For gym and bootcamp lovers – pilates will fine tune your body movements. Pilates will teach you body control and with repeated practice this movement will become your new normal. Your glutes will burn as your gym instructor has been telling you because they will now work well! Your shoulder press will feel better as you now have enough control not to hinge into your lower back. 

Pilates will teach your body to move with ease. It will lengthen your muscles while you strengthen them allowing a wonderful feeling of flexibility. This is perfect if you sit at a desk all day and your body craves movement. 

Pilates teaches mind body connection. It will teach you to become aware of your body. Pilates promotes deep concentration. You will learn efficient, precise and flowing movement. These are all skills seen in elite athletes and skilled dancers who move so effortlessly. 

Pilates fits in really well with current research into pain which shows us that people in pain develop altered body movements and fear of movement. As you learn to breathe well and to move with more control and strength, movement becomes easier, the body is freer, you feel less stiff in the mornings and you feel better able to face the physical tasks of the day. 

The pilates apparatus allows your instructor to program your session to perfectly suit your current level of strength and fitness and to gradually progress and challenge you. 

Midland Physiotherapy offers Studio pilates sessions which are 1 instructor to 4 clients. In these classes everyone completes their own individualised program to meet their own goals. The repertoire of pilates is extensive and challenging. In the Studio sessions you will use all of the classic pilates apparatus including the reformer, the wunda chair and the Cadillac, in conjunction with mat, fitball, and bosu work and hand weights. 

 Our mat class has up to 15 clients per instructor. Clients complete mat based exercises using balls, discs, foam rollers, theraband and hand weights. 

We are pleased to introduce our new reformer classes. These classes are challenging work! If you are looking for a strong workout while getting in some cardio and working on flexibility these classes are for you. They incorporate exercises from the intermediate and advanced series. They will give you a whole body burn!



“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body”. Joseph Pilates

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