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Living the good life with arthritis

Midland Physiotherapy Lateral Hip Pain

Walking, dancing, playing with your grandkids – this is the good life! While most people with arthritis know they want to be active, not everyone knows how. And even fewer people know that the steps to a healthy life with arthritis have been very well researched. Here are two evidence-based strategies for managing your arthritis: 

Building your knowledge

Learning about arthritis can be life-changing for some people. Understanding the basics of how your joints work and how pain operates is a great starting point for finding tried and tested treatments.  


Building your muscles 

Six weeks of group strength training can have a powerful impact on the way your arthritic joint functions. Many people are surprised at the spring that returns to their step once their muscles have been built up to support their joints. 

    I’m interested, tell me more

    At Midland Physio, we’re excited to be rolling out the GLA:D program – a six week education and exercise program for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis. There are two ways you can find out more about this internationally researched program: 


    • Call our great receptionists to RSVP for our free osteoarthritis information session. Next date: Tuesday 18th August 11am-12pm

    • Book an appointment for an individualised assessment with Eddie to see if the GLA:D program can help you. 
    Midland Physiotherapist Susan Kingston

    Eddie Tikoft

    Senior Physiotherapist

    Eddie is an experienced physio with postgraduate qualifications from Curtin University. He loves getting to know his patients and all of the different work, sport and lifestyle goals that bring them to the clinic.

    He is thorough in diagnosing conditions and this sets him up well to create clear, common sense management plans that help his patients get where they want to go.

    Eddie has a particular interest in knee pain – at all ages – from sporty kids right through to the management of osteoarthritis.

    In his spare time, Eddie loves soccer, music and getting out into the great outdoors. He has a lot of fun seeing his little daughter explore all these things too!

    Special Interests:

    • Knee pain
    • Thoracic Spine pain
    • Complex, long term pain conditions

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