I have pain, should I stop what I am doing?

Pain is an uncomfortable experience for most people and can make exercise or daily activities much more difficult. It is common to think that when we experience pain when doing an activity, we should stop doing that particular activity. This is because pain means that we must be hurting or causing damage to our body right?

Well actually, that’s not always the case.

What we know with current research today is that pain in our body does not always necessarily mean there is damage to the tissues in our body. 

Why is this so?

The body is complex and there are many factors that contribute to why we experience pain. It may not always be an injury (such as rolling an ankle) but it can also be from factors such as increased levels of stress, poor sleep, unhelpful movements patterns, poor diet, low exercise and fitness. These are some of the factors that can contribute to our body becoming sensitive and increasing our likelihood of experiencing pain or increasing the current pain we may have.  

Think about this, have you ever had a headache before? If you have, can you remember what triggered it? Was it one of the factors mentioned above? We know that when we have a headache that structurally there isn’t anything wrong with our head or brain but yet, we still experience pain. This is like the rest of our body. Just like having a headache, we can experience pain anywhere in our body without having any structural damage or injury.

What does this mean for you?

Now of course I’m not telling you to ignore or push through your pain because there may not be a structural reason for it. It is important for you to know the main factors that are contributing to your pain. Is it your old back injury that has flared up because you haven’t been sleeping well due to the stress you’ve been under at work? Or is it due to the fact you haven’t been able to continue your regular routine of exercise or daily movement due to the current Covid pandemic or being stuck at home? 

It is important for you to know the main factors contributing towards your pain which can help you feel more confident to get moving again. “Motion is the best lotion”.

If you would like assistance in helping you get moving again and feel more confident and in control of your pain give us a ring on 9274 1482. 

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