How to make 2022 an active one!

New year, new you! You started January with a burst of motivation – this will be the year I’ll exercise regularly! One month in, it’s getting a little hard to maintain. Don’t stress, this is pretty normal and there are ways around it. Here are some tips for achieving your exercise goals this year. 

Love it

Pick a type of exercise that’s enjoyable. This might be horse-riding, rock-climbing, dancing, mountain-biking. If you hate running (you’re not alone), then choose something else! Your imagination is the only limit.  

Share it 

Pick an exercise that you can do with friends or family. By committing to it together, you’ll have someone there who can keep you accountable on those weeks when motivation is low. 

Plan it 

Sometimes a previous injury or fear of injury can stop people exercising. This is where your physio comes in. It’s our job to answer questions like: I have arthritis, can I run? I never did my rehab after ACL surgery, can I get back to soccer? Every pre-season I get pain in my heel, is there anything I can do about this? Your physio is trained to help you plan out the most sensible way of achieving your exercise goals. This is what we love doing! 


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