How can I get more flexible?

Is Stiffness Holding You Back?

We all know the old stretching routine – long slow holds, breath into it and let time do the work. This common way works for some people, but many find that they work at it for ages but don’t seem to get anywhere. Is that you?

Did you know that there is a different way to stretch and gain length in muscles?

It’s a bit trickier, but the results can be amazing.

Instead of the long slow sustained stretches, we do something very different.

We load muscles WHILE we lengthen them.

I’ve been doing it this way for years and I’d like to share what I have learned through this journey.

A “short” and “tight” muscle is one of the ways of your body protecting your muscles and ligaments, preventing injury going beyond its capabilities. The pain the body gives when one’s mobility reaches its limits is telling you to “stop” before possible injury. 

Our body is an efficient system that works on the theory of “use it or lose it” Which explains the loss in muscle mass after not exercising for a period of time. And in our daily lives, we do not always use all the ranges we have in our bodies. Thus, we get “stiff” or “tight”.

On the flip side, it also means that we can “use it and gain it”. We can build capacity in our joints and muscles and adapt. Flexibility and mobility is possible. 

Mobility is an essential component for sport, activity and injury prevention. I have successfully rehabbed people through different mobility drills, improving their overall finesse and function. So if you are keen to improve your mobility – Let me know – I would be happy to help you!

To learn more about KC, and view more videos explore his instagram feed here.

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