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Soccer season is starting up, players getting into their training gear and getting ready for a new season of Soccer! But with that also comes with injuries. And with injuries comes with time off games and training. Booo!

Would it not be great if we could reduce injury rates in games? Having more time training and playing instead of sitting on the sidelines missing out? 

Enter FIFA 11+

FIFA 11+ is a well researched and proven series of warm-up exercises put together for that specific reason of injury reduction/prevention. It was developed by FIFA and its Medical Assessment and Research Centre, and it was created for amateur soccer players of age 14 years and older. It is a complete warm-up package that should replace the usual warm up before training. The manual consists of a step by step warm up, complete with different levels and pictures to guide and ensure that they are all done in the right sequence and technique.

What is so good about FIFA 11+?

Many clinical research studies have indicated that with consistent implementation of FIFA 11+ (At least twice a week), can lead to 37% fewer training injuries and 29% fewer match injuries. Severe injuries were reduced by almost 50%! Other research studies regarding injury prevention and reduction have also spanned to futsal and soccer referees as well.

Best of all– It is provided as a free resource, for coaches, teachers, trainers, referees, and technical staff! So, whether you are a player, a coach or just someone who knows somebody who plays soccer, look it up, talk about it, use it! After all, all of us in Midland Physiotherapy wants everyone to keep playing soccer, and at their best level as much as they can, right?

For convenience, we have attached the FIFA 11+ link here

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