Physiofit for Teens

What is PhysioFit Teens?

PhysioFit teens is our strength and conditioning classes for young people, typically preteen and older.

The goals for PhysioFit are different for every participant and their individual programs reflect this.

A small group of 6 participants at a time enter our gym facility for an hour class and are taught their own programs and high-quality technique in their movements or lifting, and it’s all prescribed specifically for them.

It’s a fun, social, and safe environment where Caitlin, our paediatric physiotherapist, is supervising, coaching, and encouraging the participants.

In an initial one-on-one appointment, Caitlin and the participant (and any relevant care givers) set goals for the class. Examples of these goals are,

  1. To get stronger to help me be faster and jump higher in basketball, and to help reduce my ankle injuries,
  2. I want to not have knee pain in school sport all the time,
  3. My daughter has hypermobility and she tends to get injured a lot, we’ve been here for three different injuries this year! We need something consistent to help her protect her joints,
  4. My son is in two state teams and plays club rugby too, I am worried his body won’t cope with that much load without strength and stretch training.

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