We are thrilled to introduce a new counselling service at our physiotherapy clinic, led by the compassionate and experienced Amanda McCarthy. With 20 years of experience across various therapeutic fields, Amanda's approach is person-centredand strength-based, focusing on harnessing your inner strengths to navigate through ife's challenges.

What is councelling?

Counselling is a service provided for the community to support with the everyday challenges that can at times leave us feeling tension, overwhelm or anxious.

This platform prepares the space for someone to feel comfortable and safe in sharing aspects of their daily life within a confidential environment.

The counsellor brings a wealth of lived experiences that promotes the skill of active  listening to the needs of the client. This in turn allows for simple and practical action plans to be implement, confirming the client in their levels of awareness.

Amanda McCarthy – Empowering to Make Lasting Changes

Amanda brings a natural love of connecting to people to her counselling practice. By asking the key questions and getting to know what is going on for you.   Amanda supports you to come to the realisations that can empower you to make lasting changes.

Whether you’re facing trauma, injury, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues, Amanda’s natural ability to connect and guide individuals towards empowering realisations, offers a unique pathway to healing and growth.

Offering over 20 years of experience to support you …

Amanda is passionate about reconnecting and balancing peoples bodies back to its true harmonious state. Recognising the inseparable link  between our physical movements and our mental well-being. Her multifaceted therapeutic background, from remedial massage to personal training and counselling, enriches her practice, providing holistic support tailored to your needs.

How do I get started?

Each session duration is 50 minutes. 

Your initial session includes obtaining your personal history, consent and outlining the privacy aspects of the counselling session.

From there the sessions unfolds to explore the clients insights.