Sports Physiotherapy

Our therapists are experts in caring for athletes and sport related injuries.

Whether it is a new injury or a long term problem we are focused on getting you back to playing the sport you love. Sport physiotherapists will also focus on injury prevention, whether it is preventing another hamstring strain or making sure injury doesn’t happen. 

What is sports physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is a specialised area of physiotherapy that focuses on the care, rehabilitation, and prevention of injuries related to athletic activities and sports. Our team of skilled therapists is dedicated to helping athletes, both amateur and professional, in overcoming sports-related injuries, whether they are new or chronic. 


Understanding that each sport comes with its unique demands and risks, our approach is tailored to meet these specific needs. We not only aim to help you recover from injuries but also to enhance your performance and prevent future injuries. 


By incorporating advanced techniques and evidence-based practices, we ensure that you can return to the sport you love with confidence and improved resilience. Our commitment is to your health and optimal performance, making sure you are well-equipped to enjoy your sports journey safely and effectively.

How do I get started?

You can have a look at all our Physiotherapists profiles and see what special interests they have. We’re a large group of highly trained Physiotherapists, we have 7 day service and long hours to make sure you can get in when it suits you. To book an appointment, you can ring and speak to our friendly reception 9274 1482 .