Real-Time Ultrasound Imaging

Real time ultrasound imaging allows the Physiotherapist and patient to see the movement of certain muscles in “real time” or as it is actually happening.

Long been used for imaging babies in utero, and other medical investigations, ultrasound imaging is now being used by trained Physiotherapists in the management of pelvic floor dysfunction and lower back and pelvic pain.

In chronic low back pain, there is scientific evidence that specific retraining of the deep stabilising muscles of the trunk and pelvic can reduce the risk of recurrence of low back pain. However, as these muscles lie deep within the abdomen, many people find it difficult to activate them correctly.

Similarly, the pelvic floor musculature is a region where many people find it difficult to visualise and “feel” the correct contraction. There is significant research evidence to support retraining of these muscles in the management of symptoms such as bladder leakage and prolapse issues.

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