Living Fit

Living Fit Classes

Living Fit is an exercise class tailored to seniors who are looking to increase their level of fitness, strength and overall function.
This class is for all levels of fitness.

What is Living Fit?

Our “Living Fit” classes are designed to cater to those individuals who want to improve their strength, flexibility or fitness – under the supervision of a qualified Physiotherapist. All exercise programmes are customised specifically for your level of fitness and your goals and requirements. Each hour-long class is held at the clinic and is closely supervised by the Physiotherapist who regularly monitors your progress.

Whether you are starting from scratch and needing a bit of a push to get you going, or want to consolidate you strength and fitness in a fun and supervised environment, then this is the class for you!!

How Do I Get Started

You will need to book an Initial Assessment with a Physiotherapist before you start with any Living Fit classes. A Physiotherapist will initially undertake a one-on-one health and fitness evaluation and if necessary, seek the approval and advice of your GP.

Once the assessment is complete, the friendly reception staff will assist you in booking you into the Living Fit class.

Living Fit Classes run Monday and Fridays at 8:30 and 9:30am.

For more information on booking an initial assessment or enroling in a class please speak to our friendly staff at 9274 1482