Dry Needling

Dry needling is an effective treatment used to target specific trigger points in your muscles to provide relief from pain and to improve muscle function. It helps stimulate the body's natural healing response to reduce muscle tension, enhance flexibility, and restore optimal movement.

What is Dry Needling?

Dry Needling is the use of very thin pins, which are pushed through the skin in order to stimulate trigger points in muscles. Dry needling can be effective in releasing pain when dealing with painful muscle spasms, muscle tightness and soft tissue restriction.

Most of our Physiotherapists have had advanced training in Dry Needling. Dry Needling is used alongside Physiotherapy treatment and can be useful in both acute and chronic conditions.

How Do I Get Started?

We have 7 day service and long hours to make sure you can get in when it suits you. To book an appointment, you can ring and speak to our friendly reception 9274 1482.