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Mat Pilates

Using your own body as resistance, Mat Pilates classes are targeted to those who are maintaining strength and fitness.

Our Pilates Physiotherapists have completed an additional year-long postgraduate course, making them some of the best trained Pilates Instructors in Australia.


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Mat Pilates

Using your own body as resistance, Mat Pilates classes are targeted to those who are maintaining strength and fitness.

Unit 3 – 401 Great Eastern Highway, Midland    

📞 9274 1482    Book Online

Mat Pilates is a group workout setting, focusing on ‘body only’ resisted exercises wit the option to intensify the program by making use of limited equipment (e.g. light free weights, theraband). All participants follow the same exercise program (with slight variations offered to cater for higher and lower levels) over a 40-60 minute class (depending on class type). Here the maximum patient to Physiotherapist ratio is 10:1, ensuring safety via close instruction and technique supervision throughout the class, however, there is less of an individualised nature of the workout. As a result, these classes are more suitable for those who are maintaining strength and fitness as a way of managing pain or chronic conditions, not those who are recovering postoperatively or are in the midst of managing an acute injury, we would suggest Studio Pilates.

At Midland Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in the quality of our Pilates service. With all of our Pilates Physiotherapist undergoing extensive training to teach in our studio, we ensure that you receive the highest quality of exercise programming, instruction and supervision.

  • Total body conditioning whilst accommodating and/or rehabilitating injuries
  • Improvement of body awareness, posture, movement control, coordination and balance
  • Improve muscular strength, endurance and toning of the gluteals, thighs and arms
  • Improved mindfulness and control fo breathing
  • Lowered stress levels, boosted immunity and mood
  • Development of functional strength and flexibility, which transfers into everyday activities
  • Improved performance with recreation and sporting pursuits, along with injury prevention
  • Flattening of the stomach through the creation of the natural muscular girdle
  • Everyone: Individualised whole body programs caters for all fitness levels.
  • Injured Clients: Aids in the development and maintenance of physical conditioning whilst rehabilitating your injury, with the long-term goal of injury prevention. This covers the scope of postoperative cases through to flare-ups of chronic conditions.
  • Athletes/Dancers: Specific programs for strength, flexibility and performance.
  • Elderly or Arthritic Clients: Low impact exercise improving mobility, posture and muscular support of joints with the freedom to work at your own pace.
  • Business People: Ideal for stress and postural related tension, whereby a structured, therapeutic workout can provide stress relief, relieve muscular tension and improve posture via the strengthening of postural muscles.

Low to Intense Program

Mat Pilates focuses on ‘body only’ resisted exercises with the option to intensify the program

Small Groups

Maximum patient to Physiotherapist is 10:1 ensuring safety via close instruction

For Everyone

Classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness and Health

Our Mat Pilates classes are 40-60 minutes depending on the class you enrol in. Personalised rehabilitation and fitness goals will be determined during your Initial Assessment, your Physiotherapist will suggest classes with exercises best suited to reach your goals and overcome potential exercise barriers. Mat classes are appropriate for all levels of fitness.

Midland Physiotherapy Mat Pilates

How Do I Get Started

Term 2 Mat Pilates start the week of April 30th and finished on the week of June 25th. Classes are on Monday and Thursday.

You will need to book a one-hour Initial Assessment with a Pilates Physiotherapist before you start with any Pilates classes.

You can enrol in Mat Pilates Here

If you have already taken a Mat Pilates class at Midland Physiotherapy, you can enter directly into the next term of classes without undertaking an Initial Assessment.

Current Mat Pilates Timetable

Midland Physiotherapy Mat Timetable

For more information on booking an initial assessment or enroling in a Pilates class please speak to our friendly staff at 9274 1482 or Enrol

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