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Shouldereeze Heat Packs

Have you ever had a sore shoulder and really wanted to put some heat onto it, but found that the heat pack just didn’t fit properly, or even worse, just kept on falling off and soon as you moved?

Well, if that is you, then I have a brilliantly designed product for you.

The Shouldereeze Heat Pack from Injureeze


Check out this heat pack. It’s anatomically designed to cover the whole shoulder – not just sections of it, and the best part – it has velcro straps that hold the whole thing in place. Even when you are moving around. Brilliant.

Check out the video here on how it goes on and stays on.

All they need is 2-3 mins in a microwave – depending on how warm you want it.

On top of all that – they are a local product,  developed by a Perth Physiotherapist, using WA grains inside.

The Shouldereeze is just one of the range. They also do a neck and low back heat pack, which have equally clever design. Perfect for keeping those sore spots warm.

Come into the clinic and try them out, and if you mention that you saw this blog, we will give you $10 off the purchase price.

Midland Physiotherapist Susan Kingston

Sean Fuller

Principal Partner
Senior Physiotherapist
Master of Manual Therapy

Sean is Practice Principal at Midland Physio, and he believes that any health care should be a collaborative process between you and the clinician, working together to achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Sean has special areas or interest in treating headaches, shoulder pain and neck pain. He has a strong focus on the professional development of the whole team within Midland Physiotherapy so that they are delivering not only the best clinical experience but also the best customer service experience possible for you.



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