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Physiotherapy: The Exception to the Rule

How will the new Private Health Reforms affect my Pilates classes?

As you are probably now all aware, the Federal Government has released private health reforms which target alternative therapies.  Unfortunately, ‘Pilates’ has fallen into this category of ‘alternative’ therapy.  As a result of the reforms, Private Health Insurers are no longer paying rebates on such therapies, including Pilates.

There was an important exception to this rule.  Physiotherapy!

Basically, it has been deemed that Physiotherapists use exercise as part of their treatment, so why not allow this scope of ‘exercise’ based therapy to include ‘Pilates’ exercises?  As Physiotherapists, we are allowed to use Pilates as part of our treatment methods.  Physiotherapy has always been recognized and valued by Private Health Insurers, whereby we are the experts when it comes to all things exercise.  This means that any exercise session under Physiotherapist supervision will still attract a rebate.

The only change that will affect you as a current or potential future patient, is that we can no longer use the term ‘Pilates,’ in that our classes are not solely Pilates based and this misrepresents the Physiotherapy service we are providing.  As such, former ‘Studio Pilates’ classes will now be called ‘Studio Sessions,’ and ‘Mat Pilates’ classes will now be called ‘Mat Classes.’  If the term ‘Pilates’ is used when discussing these classes with your Private Health Insurer, they may refuse to pay your rebate.  If you are wanting to enquire with your Private Health Insurer about your ability to claim your rebate, please quote the following codes:

Mat Class (and Living Fit Class):  Code 561

Studio Session/Physiotherapy Session:  Code 505

Here at Midland Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves in the thorough nature of assessment and treatment standards when it comes to functional exercise rehabilitation.  Before any patient is allowed to attend a Studio Session or Mat Class, it is mandatory that they undergo a detailed 1hour initial assessment with a physiotherapist.  During this assessment, the patient will undergo a Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) of their Pelvic Floor and deep core muscles, a movement analysis assessment, along with discussion of physical limitations, functional goals and patient centered goals.  This high-quality initial provides our physiotherapists with a wealth of physical, functional and patient driven information, giving them the perfect platform to individualize an exercise program tailored to the patient’s needs specifically.  

Your journey to wellbeing doesn’t end there, in fact it is just beginning!  After three months of class attendance, your physiotherapist will reassess your status, checking in on past limitations, your progress towards reaching your goals and making sure nothing new has arisen.  It is here that new goals may be recognized, again providing you with the best clinical support to achieve your desired outcomes.

So there you have it – undertaking physiotherapist guided exercise sessions in a Studio or Mat Class setting will not affect your ability to claim your Private Health rebates.  You can be rest assured that you are in the best of hands to reach your goals and we cannot wait to see you in the Studio soon!

Should you require any further information, please call us on 9274 1482, or alternatively 

Midland Physiotherapist Susan Kingston

Anita Pope

Senior Physiotherapist
Pilates Physiotherapist

Over the many years that Anita has worked at Midland Physiotherapy, she has enjoyed treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, namely postural, sporting, movement control and chronic pain related issues.  She has developed a passion for Clinical Pilates rehabilitation and has vast experience with instructing both studio and mat classes, along with mentoring Pilates Physiotherapists through their extensive training program.

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