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Miles For Mental Health

Midland Physiotherapy Miles For Men's Health

Marty Kallane is an inspirational man… a regular patient here at Midland, Marty challenged himself to an Ultramarathon fundraiser ‘Miles For Mental Health’ to support mental health with Headspace Australia.

The Ultramarathon was 90KM from Toodyay to Perth. Marty and his Physiotherapist, Sal, worked together to prepare for the run, Sal treated Marty for the intensity of the run, talking him through his PB and applying 28 dry needles two days before run day!

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Marty sent us an overview of his incredibly inspriring day:

Saturday September 1 – RUN DAY

02:30 am – Had a shower, strapped my feet and did some stretches for 30minutes.  The support crew woke around 3:30 am and also started preparing for the day.  Preparation included everything from; supplements to merchandise, with the Engel fridge and two pairs of running shoes packed away we set off at 04:00 am into Toodyay centre.

04:15 am – With a temperature of 3 deg, I performed some more stretches for 25mins before setting off on the 90km journey to Perth’s Langley Park at 04:48 am.

The majority of the next 18km was on a gradual uphill transition, my first planned stop was at Jingaling Brook Rd, Morangup, the time taken was 1hr 39mins @ 5.37/km.  

06:30 am – Set off from Jingaling Brook Rd after a 5 min stop was planned to change out my trail running shoes (Altra Trail) to my road running shoes (New Balance 1080). 

09:00 am – Arrived at Falls Tavern, Gidgegannup after running a further 24km (total 42km) @ 6.13/km.

By the time I arrived at the Falls Tavern having completed 42km I was experiencing some extreme cramps in my thighs and slight pain in my right hip region.  I was rubbed down with the roller and had some Voltaren cream rubbed into my thighs, hips and calves. 

09:15 am – I departed the Falls Tavern with my next stop planned for the Caltex at the bottom of Red Hill near Roe Hwy, 23km from the Falls Tavern.

The next 23km included some of the longest steepest roadways in Perth with hill climbs up to 3km long.  My pace decreased to an average of 8.75/km.  I continued along Toodyay Rd tackling every hill and reaching out to every bit of positive energy I could find.  I had the benefit of an amazing support crew who ran alongside me for some time to provide support during the many periods of muscle cramp and joint pain along the 23km’s from Falls Tavern to the Caltex at Roe Hwy. 

12:50 pm – Completing another 23km (65km) I arrived at the Caltex for another rub down.

Departing the Caltex at Roe Hwy I continued along Morrison Rd en-route to the Guildford Hotel being my next planned stop to change my running shoes and socks once again (to a new pair of New Balance 1080).  With the Guildford hotel 9km from the Caltex and running at a pace of 8.95 /km.

2:15 pm – I arrived at the Guildford Hotel In extreme pain with cramps in my thighs making it difficult to stand up and support my body, I laid on the back seat of the support vehicle and had my legs rolled and massaged with anti-inflammatory cream.  Revitalizing with some protein supplements and a video on my phone from my son up North providing me with some words of inspiration, I took off from the Guildford Hotel having completed 74km at an average pace of 7.69min / km.

I had planned to run the remaining 16km to Langley Park without any further stops, however, by the time I reach the McDonald’s  on Great Eastern Hwy (6.7km’s from Langley Park) and having completed 83km, I was again experiencing extreme cramps in my thighs and groin, with joint pain in both hips I was finding it difficult to stand up unaided, I was again rubbed down in my hips, groin and legs and had both legs rolled out to free up the muscles.  Rejuvenated with supplements and a  constant fight within myself to push on and finish, I managed to get back on my feet and continue to run the remaining 6.7km to Langley Park.

4:46 pm – Having run for 11hrs 58mins, I arrived at Langley Park, Perth CBD at having run the 90km from Toodyay to Perth at an average pace of 7.97min / km.  I was overwhelmed by the support provided along the way with sentiments of inspiration through SMS, FB and Instagram, it made all the difference when tackling the enormous barriers and challenges I faced when the pain kicked in and it was all just to easy to stop.  It is amazing how the mind works when the will to keep going is stronger than what the body can produce.  

I endured a whole lot on Saturday 1st September and would do it all again in a heartbeat if it touches just one person, providing that one person with the will to push through the hardest barrier and know that life, no matter how hard it is, is worth fighting for, you are worth fighting for…

Marty wanted to thank everyone who assisted him on his Ultramarathon Journey – Midland Physiotherapy, Noble Falls Tavern Resturant, Headspace Australia, and of course his wife Kat and all of his supporters!

The reason for Marty’s Ultramarathon?

“For many of us as parents, to be in a position where we are unable to provide the unconditional support and well being to our children through their hour (or years) of need is just incomprehensible. Well a few years ago, that was me as a loving father to one on my five children. An uncontrollable darkness had grabbed hold of one of my own and no matter how much love and support we, as a family tried to provide, there was nothing we could do within our family to help suppress the darkest of thoughts and emotions which had made their way into our loving child’s life. This was my first real introduction to mental health and psychosis, a journey which found me wondering if, at the end of this journey, my life would take a turn for the worst…”

We’d love to see him hit his goal!! Check out Marty’s Miles For Mental Health Fundraising Page Here

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