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Sport Physio Midland

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Sport Physio Midland, Perth, Swan View, Bassendean, Glen Forest, Ellenbrook, Midvale, High Wycombe, Kalamunda, Helena Valley, Guildford

Midland Physiotherapy has been a fixture in the local community and its surrounds since the 1990’s.  It is still owned by one of the original partners, with the addition of several more partners over the course of the years.  We are proud to be a wholly independently owned sport physio practice, which has grown and evolved in tandem with the growth of the region around us.

'Midland Physiotherapy specialises in many services including Sport Injury Management, Pilates & Massage Therapy. Our staff are highly trained and ready to help you find a path to a happy, healthy life.'

In 2004, Midland Physiotherapy developed a co-operative partnership with other independently owned practices around Perth to form the Active Physiotherapy Group.  This group of 16 private physiotherapy clinics share a strong focus on continuing education and quality service.  Combining our individual resources allows the members of the Active Physiotherapy Group and the Physiotherapists who work within them, to experience and enjoy a professional development and peer support programme second to none.  This ensures all our Physiotherapists are kept up to date with the latest in research and sport physio techniques.

Our physical therapist and sports injury clinic is located in Midland, conveniently located for patients in Perth, Swan View, Bassendean, Glen Forrest, Ellenbrook, Midvale, High Wycombe, Kalamunda, Helena Valley and Guildford.

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