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Sean Fuller

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Sean graduated from Curtin University in 1995, and worked for several years at Royal Perth Hospital before moving into private practice. He has worked with various sporting clubs and as part of the Hopman Cup medical team for many years. Sean received the Master of Manual Therapy qualification from UWA in 2005. Clinically, he has special interest in the treatment of spinal pain, headaches and shoulder injuries. Sean is a keen sportsman, having recently completed an Ironman triathlon and the Avon Descent, and when at home he is kept busy by his three kids.

Sarah Mac Alasdair

Musculoskeletal and APA Sports Physiotherapist

Sarah graduated from Curtin University in 1994 and after a short stint at Royal Perth Hopsital, she commenced work in private practice.  She travelled and worked as a Physiotherapist throughout Europe before settling in Sydney and undertaking her Masters degrees in Sports and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2002.  Throughout her career, she has combined her love of travel and sport.  She has worked with Olympic rowers in Ireland, top level schoolboy Aussie Rules in NSW and WA; the Sydney Kings Basketball club, and elite dancers.  She has a strong interest in treating adolescent sporting populations; yet is just as passionate about providing quality care and management for clients with chronic musculoskeletal issues. 
Sarah lectured at Trinity College, Dublin,in the Masters of Sports Medicine degree before finally settling back home in Perth with her Irish husband.  Her spare time is kept busy with their four young children, although she loves to get out on the water on weekends.  She is a Principal Partner at Glen Forrest Physiotherapy and Midland Physiotherapy.

Daniel Parasiliti


Daniel graduated from Curtin University in 2005, and has been working in Private Practice ever since. Daniel has worked with many elite level sporting affiliations and is currently the Physiotherapist for Guildford Grammar School. Daniel specialises in sporting and musculoskeletal injuries, and has completed numerous Acupuncture, high level strapping, and peripheral manipulation courses.

Anita Pope


Anita graduated from the School of Physiotherapy at Curtin University in 2009, moving directly into private practice at Midland Physiotherapy in 2010. She has a special interest in the treatment of cervical and lumbar injuries, along with Pilates based exercise and rehabilitation. Anita currently runs the Pilates mat classes at the clinic and is keen to expand her expertise in the studio. Outside of work, Anita is an avid tennis fan, having played many years of high level pennants, whilst also closely watching the international circuit’s results. She enjoys sport in general and is looking forward to travelling in the future.

Luke Bonnett


Luke started at Midland Physiotherapy in 2011 after completing his undergraduate studies at Curtin University. He is passionate about making change in peoples’ lives, whether it be recovering from a sprained ankle, recovering from surgery, or helping deal with lifelong pain and disability. He has gained experience working as a physiotherapist in central London, worked closely with Guildford Grammar sporting teams, and in 2016 he completed a Masters of Clinical Physiotherapy specializing in Manipulative Therapy. Utilizing the most up-to-date clinical and research evidence, Luke combines his experience and genuine care for the people he works with to formulate treatment plans that will achieve their individual goals over the short and long-term.

Luke enjoys treating any musculoskeletal condition, however he has developed a special interest in working through the complexities of long-term back and neck pain, headaches, tendon problems and shoulder pain.  He also enjoys managing worker’s compensation cases and seeing his patient’s get back to work and full function, with minimal problems along the way.

When not at work Luke enjoys keeping fit with weights and running, travelling the world, spending time outdoors camping and fishing (and guilty pleasures of watching too many TV series). 

Sal Pillai


Sal graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. He has a keen interest in treating spinal pain, shoulder and ankle conditions as well as sport-related injuries. Sal’s clinical objective is to provide a personalised and up-to-date approach to treatment that is centered around the individual’s goals. In his spare time, Sal enjoys playing soccer, squash, muay thai and going to the gym.

Susan Kingston


Susan graduated from Curtin University in 2004. She worked for 4 years in metro and country hospitals before moving into private practice. She brings a broad range of experience in orthopaedics, musculoskeletal problems, paediatrics, aged care and health prevention to the clinic. Susan completed Pilates training in 2009 and runs Studio Pilates classes. She has a special interest in treating spinal pain and postural problems, with a focus on injury prevention. Outside of work she is busy looking after an active toddler, and enjoys keeping fit and being outdoors.

Caris McDonnell


Caris graduated from Curtin University in 2013 with a Graduate Entry Masters of Physiotherapy and worked briefly at our Glen Forrest practice before moving to Midland. In 2009 she also graduated from Edith Cowan University with a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science. Clinically, Caris has over 5 years experience with West Perth and Swan Athletic Football clubs, and as such has a special interest in sporting injuries. Outside of work Caris enjoys keeping active with dance classes and the gym.

Aaron Peden


Aaron has been a part of the Midland Physiotherapy team since early 2014, and has a keen interest in treating neck and shoulder complaints as well as rehabilitation of sports related injuries. He also runs a weekly exercise class for people with chronic injuries, and enjoys working with his patients to develop and implement management strategies for long-standing conditions. A self-confessed weekend warrior, Aaron enjoys basketball, hitting the gym or hacking around the golf course in his spare time.

Nic Saraceni

Physiotherapist (Honours) PhD Candidate

Nic has a strong sporting background mainly in golf, soccer and triathlon. He is currently in the process of publishing his research on the role of hip rotation in golfers with lower back pain. Nic is also an avid cyclist and offers a specialised bike fitting service to prevent or overcome cycling related injuries. Nic has now begun his PhD in chronic low back pain which he helps will assist his ability treating patients with more complex conditions such as whiplash, headache and chronic spinal pain.

Izabela Wojtasik


Izabela graduated as a Physiotherapist from Curtin University and started working with the Midland Physio team this year. She has a keen interest in the rehabilitation of sporting injuries as well as treatment of chronic pain. Izabela has been dancing for over 12 years and has travelled nationally to perform. She also enjoys the field of performing arts and has participated in a few stage shows within community theatre. 

Simone Moles


Simone graduated Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy.   Her interest in physiotherapy began at a young age, as she visited her local physiotherapist frequently for her numerous netball injuries over the years.  She continues to be involved in netball as a player and coach, as well as working for Darling Rangers State Netball League teams as a sports trainer.  Her love for sports has led to a particular interest in the treatment of sports injuries, especially those of the lower limb, as well as the management of postural neck and back pain.

William Green


William graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. He has previously spent time at both the Swan Athletic and East Fremantle Football Clubs and now assists the West Coast Eagles Football Club as a sports trainer. This has led Will to have an understanding of the elite sporting environment and a desire to pursue it further in the future. An accredited swim coach, Will enjoys treating swimming-related injuries with the use of a GoPro system that allows him to systematically analyse the biomechanics of each stroke. Having spent a number of years at Swan Hills Swimming Club, he enjoys keeping fit himself as well as running his own clothing label in his spare time. 

Jian Soares


Jian graduated from Curtin University in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy). Prior to starting his career at Midland Physiotherapy, he practiced rurally at Northam Hospital treating a wide range of musculoskeletal, neurological and sporting conditions as well as finishing his Physiotherapy registration in Canada. Jian has a keen interest in treating spinal pain and sporting injuries as well as the management of chronic pain disorders. He has a keen interest in health and fitness and spends his spare time at the gym, beach or longboarding along the coast. 

Amy Zappavigna


Amy recently graduated from Curtin University knowing her passion for physiotherapy was in private practice. Having learnt from the industry experts, Amy is up to date with the latest research and treatment methods to aid clients in reaching their treatment goals.

Amy endeavours to find the cause of her clients’ symptoms and describes the relationship between them. She uses a variety of treatments including manual therapy, dry needling and a combination of exercise and Pilates for rehabilitation. 

Amy enjoys participating in triathlons and umpiring amateur football. Injuries involved with running, cycling and football are of particular interest to Amy and she also enjoys treating spinal pain.

Paige Rylands


Paige is a graduate of Curtin University with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy and transitioned directly into private practice at Midland Physiotherapy. She previously worked as a sports trainer at Wesley Curtin Football Club and has a keen interest in the treatment of sporting injuries. Outside of work Paige enjoys keeping fit in a variety of ways including playing netball and working out in the gym. She hopes to complete her training in clinical Pilates in the near future. Paige also has a passion for travel and was lucky to complete one of her university placements in Singapore adding diversity to her experience. 

Sue Avison

Massage Therapist

Sue graduated as a Remedial Massage Therapist from the Australia Institute of Fitness. She has over 10 years of experience in Massage Therapy and has owned and operated a Massage Studio in Thailand for over 10 years focusing on Traditional Thai Massage, Sporting Injuries, Foot Reflexology, Deep Tissue and Relaxing Massage.

Sue has lived in Australia since 2011 and was born in North East Thailand. She has travelled the world working as a Massage Therapist on the worlds larges sailing ship. Sue enjoys healing her clients with a unique blend remedial massage.