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Pilates is a total physical conditioning programme for both your body and your mind. The emphasis in Pilates training is on flexibility, strength, co-ordination and posture.

'Through Pilates, you will gain a better understanding of how your body moves as you develop control through different postures and positions.  Your body will become more toned, more flexible and importantly, your mind will be more relaxed.'

Our Pilates Physiotherapists are all Physiotherapists who have completed an additional year long postgraduate course, making them some of the best trained Pilates Instructors in Australia. Pilates at Midland Physiotherapy is a safe and effective form of exercise and is suitable for anyone of any age, fitness or ability. 

Pilates Midland, Perth, Swan View, Bassendean, Glen Forest, Ellenbrook, Midvale, High Wycombe, Kalamunda, Helena Valley, Guildford

Studio Pilates

Studio Pilates incorporates Pilates programmes and classes which are held in our Pilates studio.  They are run by our Pilates Physiotherapists. We have a number of local doctors and other allied health professionals who utilise our pilates services because of the quality training of our Pilates Physiotherapists.

'Our Physiotherapist's expert services and skills are in such high demand, it's because of them that our Pilates studio in Midland has such a fantastic reputation.'

Each client undergoes an intial one-on-one assessment and introduction and they then receive a customised programme which is supervised and modified constantly by one of our Pilates Physiotherapists.  Group sizes are very small – between 1-4 clients per Physiotherapist to enable close monitoring and progression of exercises.

These classes are very popular so booking is essential, please call reception on 9274 1482.

Mat Pilates Classes

As it’s name suggest, Mat Pilates Classes are held on mats in the main treating area of the clinic. The class is suitable for anyone wanting to participate in a generalised flexibility and core strengthening programme. 

'Our Physiotherapist formulate an hour long exercise session utilising pilates, yoga and stretching techniques.' 

Class programmes are run by school terms and so are usually between 8-11 weeks in duration.Pre assessment is essential for anyone carrying an existing injury or suffering from a particular medical condition. These classes are very popular so booking prior to the commencement of the term programme is essential. 

Please call the clinic reception of 9274 1482 for more information.